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  • Are you afraid of rejection or failure?
  • Do you ever worry that you’re not good enough?
  • Has your voice ever gone hoarse when you really needed it to be strong?
  • Do you get frustrated and over whelmed by the legalities, language and vocabulary, of contracts?
  • Have you almost given up because you feel your big chance has come and gone?

If you said yes to any of the above, I hear you.

I know it all too well as I’ve been there too.

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My Gift To You

Hi. I’m Precious Wilson. I am a singer songwriter.

After working alongside such artists as Sir Cliff Richards, James Brown, Boney M, and Michael Bolton and participating in productions in association with Sir Elton John, Paul McCartney of the Beatles, and sang the title track to the 20th Century Fox, Blockbuster movie, “THE JEWEL OF THE NILE”, starring Michael Douglas; the fact is that throughout my career I have encountered a lot of the ups and downs in the music industry.

I’ve been an international entertainer for over forty years; and although I now live a joy filled, content and successful life, it wasn’t always like this. For behind my happy showbiz smile I have spent many, many years in suffering and frustrated, as managers, agents, producers, co-writers and record companies took advantage of my naivety and my lack of knowledge.

I know what it’s like to be stuck in your finances, health, relationships personal and business, self worth, personal power. But I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Somehow there was a profound gift in my pain. I discovered a formula for getting unstuck, so that you can become the well informed, skilled and authentic singing success you deserve to be.

I want to share with you the guide I created, to get you started quickly and easily. If you’ve been looking for a way out, and don’t want to stay stuck a moment longer, your wait is over. In my step by step system, I will show you how to recognize why you’re stuck, how to finally stop the struggle, and find the courage to take action.

I wrote this step by step guide to help you understand what to do to get started on your path to a successful singing career in the music industry.

It is my mission to help you avoid the many mistakes I made and show you a simple way to access, and start to benefit from everything that stems from your creativity!

I am so delighted and excited to be able to ‘give back’ and share my experience and knowledge and serve you!

Blessings always,
Here’s to your success!

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  • Be heard,
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  • Catapult your technical performance on stage.
  • Learn how to rock the business of music.
  • See how to get more gigs.
  • With my guide, Get on track and start to live your dream.

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